Monday, May 31, 2010

2010-05-31 Zond, Melt Banana, Oren Ambarchi, Boris, Rice Corpse, Marc Ribot, Bardo Pond, Night Terrors, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sarth Calhoun

venue: Opera Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
event: Noise Night of Vivid LIVE curated by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson for Vivid Sydney
audio: 2x DPA4061 > R-09HRphotos: iPhone 3G

part 1 - download mp3 (120mb) (86:13) comprises...
Zond (missed beginning)


Laurie Anderson, Sarth Calhoun, Lou Reed maybe?

Oren Ambarchi

Boris with Oren Ambarchi
part 2 - download mp3 (133mb) (97:46) comprises...

Rice Corpse

Marc Ribot with Bardo Pond

Night Terrors

Yasuko and Ichirou from Melt-Banana

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Marc Ribot, Sarth Calhoun, others.

part 3 (encore) - download mp3 (35mb) (24:00) comprises...

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Marc Ribot, Sarth Calhoun, others.

download flac (1.01gb) (207:59).
alternate mp3 recording of same event available at sydneytapes, includes some commentary and way more detail.


  1. I also did post a link to this post at 'Pathway' the other day, hope you don't mind!

  2. Cant thank you enough for this! been looking for this for ages! I missed Lou Reed and Yasuko and Ichirou unfortunately.