Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010-05-16 Chris Bailey + Ed Kuepper

venue: Bennetts Lane, Melbourne, Australia
audio: 2x DPA4061 > R-09HR
photos: iPhone 3G

Chris Bailey & Ed Kuepper - download mp3 (132mb) (98:01)
setlist coming soon


  1. howdie mr. cranking of the amps- thanx for posting this show.. missed out on tickets meself :(.. but am fortunate that u and turn it up recorders have provided some sounds :)

    sadly im having trouble dloading this file... for 2 days mediafire keeps telling me no servers are available try again in a few moments... im wondering if any other visitors here are having the same trouble or maybe u could re-up on sharebee or another mirror?

    Im sure ill track it down one day.. in the meantime keep on blogging ! I enjoy your efforts

  2. Sorry Chuck, not sure what happened with Mediafire there but it's reuploaded and new link inserted above

  3. Thanks cranking amps I too missed out on these gigs but glad you have done your usual fine job