Friday, May 14, 2010

2010-05-14 Chills, Guy Blackman, East Brunswick All Girls Choir

venue: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, Australia
audio: 2x DPA4061 > R-09HR
photos: iPhone 3G

The Chills - download mp3 (101mb) (80:32)
setlist coming soon

Guy Blackman - download mp3 (39mb) (33:17)
any help with the setlist appreciated

East Brunswick All Girls Choir - download mp3 (44mb) (34:41)
thanks to papaiti for the setlist
1. You're A Good Sportsman
2. Steel City
3. The Watertower Waltz
4. Ocean Noose
5. Thanks For The Fucking Job
6. Cathedral Square
7. Serralves

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