Monday, March 08, 2010

1991-10-26 Sonic Youth, Painkiller, Dim Stars, Gumball

venue: Ritz, New York City, NY, USA
event: WFMU Legal Defence Fund benefit
audio: ECM909 > TCDD3

Sonic Youth - (1991-10-26) download mp3 (??mb) (70:45)
1. intro (2:18)
2. Dirty Boots (5:57)
3. Brother James (3:09)
4. Mote (4:44)
5. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit (4:54)
6. Teenage Riot (4:57)
7. Chapel Hill (5:27)
8. Purr (5:12)
9. Mary Christ (3:07)
10. Kool Thing (6:57)
11. Expressway To Yr Soul (9:50)
12. encore (3:48)
13. Sugar Kane (6:49)
14. White Kross (3:29)

Painkiller - download mp3 (??mb) (??:??)
any help with the setlist appreciated

Dim Stars - download mp3 (??mb) (??:??)
1. Dim Star Theme
2. All My Witches Come True
3. Monkey
4. The Night Is Coming On
5. interlude
6. Rip Off [Marc Bolan] (Jad Fair on sax)

Gumball - download mp3 (??mb) (??:??)
any help with the setlist appreciated

John Zorn - I think he only performed with Painkiller, not separately, if he did I didn't record it.

Love Child - not recorded


  1. Is there a link for the SY stuff here? Thanx for all this stuff, usually I have been grabbing yr stuff at Dime but mp3's are better for me. Loved yr LOW/ATP stuff from last year. Thanx again.
    Have added you to my blog list more as a reminder for me but hopefully some other people may discover all these great recordings...

  2. Man oh man! I was at this show and lost my shoe and had to walk home through NYC with one shoe on. Seems I'm a bit late on downloading the mp3's for this show. Is there a chance in hell that I might be able to squeeze them out of you? It was one of the best shows I ever saw in my 20 years in NYC and it would be amazing to hear it again. Hard to believe that WFMU was close to death at the time. What would the world do without them???? Please contact me if you can, I really would love to hear this show again